Granadilla Smoothie

I have a granadilla bush in my garden which produces so much fruit it’s embarrassing. So I decided it was time to find something to make with all the granadillas - here is a recipe for a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Smoothie Ingredients

1 to 1 ½ cup (low fat) plain yoghurt
½ to 1 cup water or almond milk
(total almond milk / water and yoghurt = 2 cups)
¼ cup instant oats
5 to 10 almonds
2 (to 3) granadillas (pips & pulp)
½ apple
1 t chia seeds
1 t maple syrup
A tiny pinch of salt
4 to 10 ice cubes (use a bit less water if you use more ice)

Blend all ingredients together in your Nutribullet and enjoy!